Don’t buy external battery before you read this!

As we have more and more gadgets, we are expecting our gadgets can always work when we need them. Our gadgets can do almost everything — until they run out of fuel. Times when you need to make that important call, send out an urgent e-mail, or need to use the apps on your device – but alas there is no battery…we’ve all been there and know first-hand the stress of being offline when you need to get things done!


External battery is indispensable for our smart life,but how much do you know about the external battery? Is your external battery really charge your gadget or make the damages to your battery of gadgets?

1) What’s external battery?

External battery serve as an ‘extra battery’ or external charger for your phone or other electronic devices.

2) Where is external battery made from?

Majority of the external batterys in the market are actually made in China. And the battery cell or PCB modules are from different countries.

3) How do I charge the external battery?

You can charge your external battery via the charger that came with your phone, computer usb port or using other external battery

 4) How long do I need to charge the external battery?

It’s depending on the REAL CAPACITY of the external battery. The larger REAL CAPACITY, the longer charging time may required. Different charging methods may result different charging time as well. Charging with the original charger will be faster than charging with computer usb port.

 5) Why sometime I need longer time to charge the same external battery?

Even though using the same charging method, the charging time may be differ due to environment,temperature, power flow and etc

 6) What is mAh?

mAh mean milli Ampere Hour, the capacity of the external battery is measure with mAh

 7) A 12000mAh REAL CAPACITY external battery, able to charge a 1500mAh capacity phone for 8 times full?

This is a common mistake make by most of the people. For rough calculation of the total charge time, kindly use this formula
REAL CAPACITY * conversion rate * phone battery health / phone capacity = total charge times
EXAMPLE: 12000 x 0.8 x 0.8 / 1500 = 5.12 charge times (0.5-1 times plus minus)

 8) What’s conversation rate?

Conversation rate is the remaining percentage of the battery after the battery lost in heat or PCB operation.

 9) What’s phone battery health?

In simple, it’s mean how‘healthy’ your phone battery is. Phone battery storage capacity will be lower and lower. That’s also the reason why our phone can last longer when it’s newly bought than after 3-6 months we used it. Different mobile phone models also will affect the calculation as some phone drain battery faster than the other.

 10) What’s PCB?

PCB means Printed Circuit Board,its control all the operation flow inside the external battery. A good quality PCB will allow the external battery to charge more and have better durability

 11) What’s the different between 18650 and Li-Polymer in the external battery?

– 18650 size and dimension are fix. Li-Polymer size and dimension are flexible.

– 18650 produce more heat. Li-Polymer are much more safer

– 18650 are cheaper. Li-Polymer are more expensive

– 18650 have higher self discharge rate.Li-Polymer have a very low self discharge rate

– 18650 battery durability will drop faster.  Li-Polymer battery capacity are more durable

12) What’s the common REAL CAPACITY in 18650 external battery in the market?

– External battery using 1pcs 18650 is 1200mAh – 2600mAh

– External battery using 2pcs 18650 is 2500mAh – 4400mAh

– External battery using 3pcs 18650 is 3750mAh – 6600mAh

– External battery using 4pcs 18650 is 5200mAh – 8800mAh

– External battery using 5pcs 18650 is 6500mAh –11000mAh

– External battery using 6pcs 18650 is 7800mAh –13200mAh

– External battery using 7pcs 18650 (no info)

– External battery using 8pcs 18650 is 10400mAh –14400mAh

1 3) Is there any external battery use higher than 2200mAh per 18650?

Yes. There are, but it’s not common due to the expensive pricing.

 14) What’s the different between branded external battery and generic external battery?

Branded external battery mostly sell in REAL CAPACITY. Generic external battery mostly sell in MARKING CAPACITY. That’s the reason why you will never see any branded external battery (standard size) have anything as high as 30000mAh – 50000mAh. That’s also the reason why a good 12000-13000mAh external battery are able to charge more or about the same like the market 30000-50000mAh external battery. Most of the external battery sell on with low price are MARKING CAPACITY but not REAL CAPACITY. Those with higher price and long warranty(more than one year, some brands offer 18 month warranty, like Sony, KINKOO, Xstorm) are REAL CAPACITY and reliable.

 15)  Is it true branded external battery won’t explode and generic external battery will explode?

Anything to do with battery, will have chance to explode. No matter it’s branded external battery or generic external battery. But chances for both branded and generic external battery to explode are very low, except those cheap and poor quality 18650 battery. And the Li-Polymer is safer than 18650 battery, it’s easy to fit the high-temperature environment.


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